• Jerry Gurley

    Jerry Gurley

    “I used to close just 1 deal every 2 months. But the first month I started working with ProsperityGroup, I got my hands on 8 deals right away!” [...]

  • Steve Vigil

    Steve Vigil

    “We made $105,000 in the last 6 months we were working with ProsperityGroup!” [...]

  • Hugo Cedeno

    Hugo Cedeno

    “ProsperityGroup has been instrumental in me making a quarter of a million dollars in profits in 2013!” [...]


Seminars and Events

We have regular Networking Events where investors
from all over come together for an evening of deals,
mini trainings, networking and tons of fun. Get to meet
vendors, contractors,realtors, property managers and
other professionals who can prove to be valuable add-
itions to your personal network...
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Our live seminar events and workshops have been
known to be very content intensive and highly inter-
active. We make it a point to invite only top caliber
speakers and only provide up-to-date business
strategies and information proven to work in the
real world…
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