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“I joined Prosperity Group to learn about real estate investing. The support and mentoring that I received has made a huge impact in my ability to connect with sellers and offer them a solution to whatever it is that they are dealing with. Thank you, Prosperity!”

Charlotte Murphy – Real Estate Investor
Houston, TX

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“We followed the ‘Blueprint for Success’ that AC and the Prosperity Group put together to roughly a $22,000 profit on two properties. VERY EASY & VERY PROFITABLE. Thanks AC & Prosperity.”

Michael Hanna

$18,000 real estate deal investments

“Prosperity Group made all the difference in starting my real estate investing business. I went from being a seminar junkie with no deals under my belt to completing 7 deals in my first year. Incredible coaching program!”

Richard Dismuke

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Prosperity Real Estate Group is the largest real estate investing networking group in Houston that focuses on enabling real estate investors to do deals in 30 days or less. Every month, hundreds of successful local real estate investors, private money lenders, wholesalers, flippers, real estate agents, contractors and other successful professionals gather at our FREE Networking Event to grow their real estate businesses.

Join us for our next networking event the 2nd Thursday of Every Month from 6PM-9PM